Academy Lead Strength and Conditioning Coach

Job Summary:

  • Lead and deliver the provision of Strength and Conditioning to the Burnley FC Academy Players.
  • Lead and manage the Sports Science and Strength and Conditioning support to the Burnley FC Youth Development Phase players.
  • Contribute towards the growth and development of the Academy Sports Science department, to improve the level of support and detail provided to Academy players.


Roles and Responsibilities:

  • To develop and implement the Academy Strength and Conditioning Syllabus in collaboration with the Academy Head of Sports Science.
  • Devise and lead the delivery of individual gym-based programmes with assistance from the Lead Sports Scientist and Academy Head of Sports Science.
  • To develop gym-based testing protocols with appropriate progressions, benchmarks, and targets throughout the age groups.
  • Assist the Academy Head of Sports Science and Lead Sports Scientist with on-field delivery of Strength and Conditioning (warm-ups, physical development session, ILP work, non-selection training group) Youth Development Phase Physical Development
  • Implement on field physical development sessions to develop physical qualities and aid injury prevention.
  • Plan and deliver weekly gym-based injury prevention and strength and conditioning sessions for the Youth Development Phase players in line with the Academy Strength and Conditioning Syllabus.
  • Monitor daily physical exertion of training using heart rate, GPS and RPE methods and feedback to the coaching staff via verbal communication and visual reports.
  • Monitor and educate players on the importance of daily wellbeing, hydration, nutrition, and recovery in line with the Academy and Sports Science educational framework.
  • Liaise with coaching staff to deliver periodised training sessions with relevant training durations and intensities to ensure progressive overload and prevent overtraining.
  • Lead the Youth Development Phase fitness testing sessions across the course of the season.
  • Develop individual physical development programmes for the YDP players based on identified individual needs.
  • Provide sports science match day support in terms of preparation, nutrition, monitoring, hydration, and recovery.

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