Performance Data Analyst

RSC Anderlecht is looking to hire a motivated, pro-active, hard-working and enthusiastic individual to join our performance team as data analyst for physical, medical and nutritional matters.

Key Responsibility

  • Storage and analysis of the GPS and other physical data (First team & U21)
  • Preparing GPS units before training — collecting GPS units after training
  • Installing live tracking system next to the pitch and be in contact with lead performance coach during training
  • Transferring training data after training
  • Prepare GPS report for lead performance coach in 30 min after training
  • Prepare GPS unites for the following training
  • Storage and analysis of the medical data (First team & U21)
  • Preparing weekly readiness report in 15min after readiness testing
  • Input of all the medical testing data
  • Preparing report of all the medical testing data
  • Take DXA-testing + input of data
  • Preparing report of the DXA-testing
  • Storage and analysis of the nutritional data (First team & U21)
  • Assisting in the implementation of a club wide performance plan
  • Preparing gym for weekly readiness testing
  • Preparing set-up gym and prevention session

Competencies & qualifications

  • Must hold a Bachelor or Master in physical education – physiotherapy – data science
  • Previous experience in (professional) sports is recommended
  • Previous experience in (professional) football is desirable
  • Previous experience with GPS systems like Catapult or stats is recommended
  • Previous experience with data storage and big data management is recommended
  • Good level of IT (Microsoft word, PowerPoint and IOS equivalents)
  • Very good understanding of Excel
  • Very good understanding of tools like Power BI – Tableau / equivalents
  • Must have excellent communication skills and be dynamic, hardworking, punctual, pro-active and enthusiastic
  • Desire to conduct research to contribute to the development of the sport science departments


  • Dedication: willingness to go ‘all the way’ to get desired results
  • Team player: readiness to help different staff members with different backgrounds/responsibilities (performance, medical, video analysis, coaching staff)
  • Flexibility as the training schedule might be changing throughout the season
  • Take accountability for the tasks you get


  • Integration in a professional football staff
  • Insights in multi-disciplinary team approach
  • High-level experience
  • Game attendance
  • Possibility to start a long-term cooperation



  • Viraj Mahadik
    April 19, 2021


    My name is Viraj Mahadik and i work as a Senior Financial Analyst in Wellington New Zealand. I have always been intrigued by football and always had a passion to work in this industry. I would really like if you considered me for this position.

    I have years of experience working with large data sets and analyzing and providing meaningful information. I have a good proficiency of working in excel, Power BI and can learn new tools pretty quickly. I enjoy providing data with accuracy and take accountability of my work. Would love if you could consider me for this role. Thanks,
    Viraj Mahadik

  • Miro Lusic
    April 29, 2021

    Dear RSC Anderlecht,

    I offer my assistance as Performance Data Analyst. Going trough your requirements I found my education and experience could be of great use.
    I work since four years in professional soccer in 2nd and 3rd Bundesliga as head of athletic department. GPS data analysis is one of my daily tasks as well as planning and programming training sessions on a daily and weekly basis. I have a Masters degree in Sport Science, as well im fluent in four languages which makes it easier to work with international teams.
    For further questions please don’t hesitate to contact me.
    I’m looking forward to your replay.

    Very best
    Miro Lusic

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