The secret for the success of the U19 Portuguese National Soccer Team

The offensive organization was one of the most important aspect that led the Portuguese U19 National Soccer Team to win the European Championship. The Technical Coordinator of the Portuguese youth soccer teams, Joaquim Milheiro, explains, in an exclusive interview to Soccer HUB, what the main key aspects of this game moment are!

JM: “Above all, we want a short exit with predominance from the goalkeeper. We like the team to be wide. That it can form lines, either diagonally or in depth, or the width that allows the game to flow between the different sectors, however, we do not put aside, at certain moments, to leave long. When we feel that it can be harmful in what is the stability of our play, to go out in short exits, we have chosen to find a set of strategies of long exit, because we have a great diversity in terms of long exits, that allows us to win the ball more to the front and that allows us, from there, to continue the fluidity of our game. Above all, we let the ball to circle between different sectors. That our team can be wide. Let our wings have the ability to play on the outside. That there is a link between the construction phase and the creation phase of a short playing game, where the ball passes through our interiors to take on the game. Where our interiors are fundamental also in the changes of the rhythm of game. Not only for the pass, but a lot for the ball driving. Therefore, when we speak in our way of play in offensive organization, it is a play that we do not want exclusively passing. Our play is a lot of passing, driving, dribbling … that’s the diversity. We don’t want that the ball reaches our wing and that automatically exits a pass. We want the ball to come to our wing, to our interior, and that they have, in an offensive organization, the capacity to cause unbalance.”

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