Guiding principles of the identity of training of the Portuguese National Teams

The Portuguese National Technical Coordinator, Joaquim Milheiro, explains what are the guiding principles in what concerns to the identity of training in the Portuguese National Teams. Take a look at this exclusive interview for Soccer HUB!

It is, most of all, a kind of training based in a major philosophy of training that is the “Tactical Periodization”, where our game organization works as the sustain of all the process. Where we dismantle, by complexity, what that way of play is, what are the specific needs of each team. A very simple practical example: I can find in the under 16 National Team, in what concerns to the way of understanding of the offensive organization, a very good capacity, but at a defensive organization level, it shows some difficulties that we have to solve. But, in the following season, on a different generation, I can have problems on the offensive organization and, at the same time, a solid base in what concerns to the defensive organization. That’s what I mean when I say that all the teams are different. But all of that training is sustained by that great idea of the “Tactical Periodization”, in what is the dissemble of the game in complexity, being the training looked in a systemic perspective. Where the different performance dimensions, tactical, physical, technical, psychological, are in constant interaction. If we want to solve any of the problems of a performance dimension, we do it always considering the “whole”. So, a big idea present in our training is a design of Edgar Morin where is stated that the “whole” is bigger than the sum of all parts!

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