How do you train the “creativity” of a Soccer player?

The Technical Coordinator of the Portuguese Youth National Soccer Teams, Joaquim Milheiro, explains how can we promote training sessions with the objective of developing the creativity of the players:

JM: “What we look for is that our training can include a lot of “guided discovery”!

In spite of giving immediate solutions to our players, what our exercises will offer, is the possibility of the players feel the exercise as their own. Like something that will allow them to be better. They will discover by themselves the behaviors that will drive them to success. Is to allow the players to feel happy with the exercise. And that happiness will allow, with spontaneity, to take them to superior creativity levels. We don’t want that our exercises could be like “PlayStation” exercises – move the left, move to the right, move forward, move back – we want that our players have the liberty to create, and the training exercise have always this possibility, is has a lot to be with “playing”. That’s why we, on the national teams space, understand that the simpler things are the more disruptive. Are the ones that are able to cause change!”

More information on to train creativity in the online course: “Differential Learning System (Soccer)”

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