Choosing Players for the Portuguese National Soccer Teams

The Portuguese National Technical Coordinator, Joaquim Milheiro, explains what do they look for when choosing the Players for the Portuguese National Soccer Teams. Take a look at this exclusive interview for Soccer HUB with Rémulo Marques:

RM: What do you, as a National Technical Coordinator, look for, what is the identity or profile of the players that enter on the National teams’ space to begin their path?

JM: A major aspect so that the player can be part of the National teams’ space, it’s to be an intelligent player!

The player is recruited by one of our team members, because it’s us, the national technical structure composed by 10 technicians, in the youth level, that watch, with regularity in different settings, from the national youth championships, to the B teams, that have been fundamental in what concerns to the player’s development, and some in the A teams. Intelligence is what we look for! If the player understands the game, added to a great technical skill, because the Portuguese player is well known as a technically evolved player, but always supported by this intelligence. In the capacity of understanding the game. We look for a kind of player that has hi intensity, and when speak about intensity, not only what he can give on the physical dimension, but also on the intensity that he gives in what concerns to the competition concentration. These are the major ideas when we choose a player for the national teams!

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