Development Coach


•       To deliver across the variety of programmes currently running across London. These to include, but not limited to, After School clubs, PPA, FDC and weekly clinics.
•       To support the area lead in the effective planning and delivery of a schools activity programme across London.
•       To deliver and support in the planning required of all Soccer Schools across London.
•       To actively seek sporting opportunities across London to further enhance the delivery programme
•       To develop and enhance relationships with local youth football clubs in London.
•       To support all sessional and volunteer staff through relevant training and mentoring.
•       To seek opportunities to implement new initiatives to enhance the delivery programme.
•       To carry out duties with regard to relevant legislation, policies and procedures.
•       To undertake any Foundation activities that maybe required in addition to the role.


•       To be a positive role model, creating a safe, positive and fun environment in which to motivate and encourage young people to succeed and develop.
•       To build relationships where possible and relevant with local schools, clubs and authorities.
•       To support, mentor and guide sessional workers in best practice and professionalism.

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