Online Course: Soccer Scouting – Players Evaluation Model!

  • Do you want to understand the desirable profile of each player per position in the pitch?
  • Do you want to be able to know what behaviors and skills to observe to understand if it is a talented player?
  • Do you want to know the criteria you should consider when attributing market value to a player?

The model presented in this course will allow you to understand more clearly how and what you should look for in order to recruit the next world’s top players!

The creator of the model, Rui Oliveira, is a scout and coach with more than 30 years of experience in top European Clubs having worked many years as a consultant of Soccer Players Investment Funds where his goal was to evaluate different top-level players with the objective to determine their market value!

Course Content

Total learning: 30 lessons Time: 12 weeks
  • 1. Intro  0/1

  • 2. What we need to evaluate Athletes?  0/1

  • 3. What we Observe?  0/1

    • Lecture3.1
  • 4. Player's Profile  0/6

    • Lecture4.1
    • Lecture4.2
    • Lecture4.3
    • Lecture4.4
    • Lecture4.5
    • Lecture4.6
  • 5. What to observe?  0/15

    • Lecture5.1
    • Lecture5.2
    • Lecture5.3
    • Lecture5.4
    • Lecture5.5
    • Lecture5.6
    • Lecture5.7
    • Lecture5.8
    • Lecture5.9
    • Lecture5.10
    • Lecture5.11
    • Lecture5.12
    • Lecture5.13
    • Lecture5.14
    • Lecture5.15
  • 6. Trainable Aspects  0/1

    • Lecture6.1
  • 7. What do we analyze?  0/1

    • Lecture7.1
  • 8. What to look for?  0/2

    • Lecture8.1
    • Lecture8.2
  • 9. Talent  0/1

    • Lecture9.1
  • 10. End  0/1

    • Lecture10.1


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Rui Gomes de Oliveira is an experienced Soccer Coach and Scout with more than 30 years of experience! Master in Youth Soccer Coaching by the Lusofona University, he worked in Sport Lisboa Benfica for more than 20 years, having been Assistant Coach of the Senior Technical Team, Coach of all age groups teams and Coordinator of the Scouting and Players Evaluation Office. More recently he became Consultant of the "BENFICA STARS FUND” - and "SPORTING PORTUGAL FUND, managed by ESAF (Portuguese Investment Banking) where he was asked to evaluate Soccer Players in order to estimate their market value! He is a member of the Commission for Young Football and Non-Professional Football of the Portuguese Football Federation and a Consultant in the youth department’s certification process! He also acted as a consultant and evaluator of four athletes, for S. L. Benfica Futebol SAD, in a process underway at TAS - FIFA. 2016.


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  • Łukasz Karpiak


    A lot of knowledge - both basic and developing current skills in the field of player evaluation. I recommend!
  • jmartins


    Great course
  • Admin bar avatar


    Soccer Scouting

    Great course abourt scouting and spotting different aspects of a football player. It help to look for specific abilities of a player on the field which helps the coaches to scout a better players.
  • rabejonas

    Great start into the topic

    Being in football for a couple of years, I knew most of what was said. Still I liked the structure and the passion of Mr Oliveira. For that price it's great insight into the work of a very experienced man.
  • Admin bar avatar


    Great for scouting players

    Its great to learn with someone that has many years of experience in top soccer clubs! The course is helping me to create my own model of scouting players. I recommend it to all the coaches and Scouts. Thanks!
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