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The end of football as we know?

The end of football as we know?

As Osho once said,

A tree doesn’t just grow a trunk and branches and leaves in a singular direction towards the sun. It grows roots, too— it grows downward. And without a proportional amount of roots, the tree cannot stand.”

We are all watching what could be a change in football that we all know, the game that belongs to the people. The same people who created it with a well-defined core and values are the ones that seem to be losing now.

Will this be the end of football as we know, where passion is what feeds the soul of its fans, players and all its intervenients? Are the people that claim they are keeping the game “alive” taking it to the point of no return? Will the greed of some overcome the passion of millions? We would all like to obtain the answers to these questions, which will merely exist if the millions that feed it and are fueled by that passion, allow themselves to be transformed in millions, but of some currency.

A tree has its balance, where all parts perform a function for it to live and grow. the roots are the basis that supports it, they feed it so that it blooms and bears fruit, repeating this process over and over again. We all want to enjoy the fruits. We like to contemplate the beauty of flowers, but we require the oxygen that the tree as a whole provides us so we can breathe. If we pluck the roots from the tree, of course, it dies, and we no can no longer contemplate flowers, or enjoy its fruits.

During its existence, the branches can be pruned for vigorous growth, but you must never cut it at the roots or its trunk. A tree does not only feed from the bottom up, its leaves supplying energy to the tree by utilizing the sun’s rays and capturing carbon dioxide to make food, for its consumption and survival. There is an exchange, the top feeds the bottom and vice versa. A tree maintains a perfect and harmonious process, consuming carbon dioxide, and omitting oxygen, which is essential for life.

Is football so extraordinary distinct from this? Everyone wants to enjoy the fruits (victories and trophies), contemplate the flowers (great games and players) but if the roots do not feed the top and the top sends nothing to the roots, this doesn’t seem to be possible!

This is being a broken and artificial process, where only a few will enjoy the fruits and will breathe all the oxygen, whilst not being bothered by its unequal distribution, until the day that all collapses. On the other hand, we may also be witnessing a historic moment, where finally the roots that are the most solid and strong element, the foundations, can see that if they decide to stop absorbing the water from the soil to feed the top, the flowers and fruits will never appear as the branches will not obtain their vital needs.

We have all read and heard that football belongs to people, these same people represent the majority, it is the basis of the game, just like the roots of the tree, these people are working hard making sacrifices, supporting the game, without receiving the sunlight.

If that root is united, the leaves will wilt and there’s nothing left to the top but surrender.

The values of sport should often serve as an example for societies. Human beings, in football or any other area, generally seek power.

In our society gaining wealth can lead to power, so money represents just a tool to achieve this power, although power and wealth usually remain inseparable. We live in an increasingly individualistic world, where we are formatted and “obliged” throughout recent history to repress our emotions and build an “avatar” to achieve a so-called success.

Success, a word that can contain hundreds, thousands, or even millions of definitions, something that can uniquely be defined by each individual and not forced on them by groups, but the most common meaning and desire for success is power.

Is it possible to individualize a collective sport that itself is already more fragmented than ever, but has never cut its roots?

To be continued…

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