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The importance of education in Soccer

The importance of education in Soccer

We live in a ferociously competitive world in all areas and the Soccer industry is not different. Today we can say that we are the luckiest generation ever regarding tools, learning ways and accessibility so we must take advantage of that in our favour but in a clever and selective way.

If on one hand we are provided with ample valuable information and knowledge on the other we also get the collateral side of it, dubious contents and sources.

Despite the fact that today it is only wholly “ignorant” pretty much who decides to be as the information is available in many ways and with easy access, practically at the distance of a click, or in most of the cases, only a few miles away. It might not be the most updated one but there is always some way of learning without even spending one cent but it can represent the first step in direction to our “dream” or even to realise that we in fact want to follow a completely different path.

In addition, we also live in the most competitive era ever, where learning new things, sharing knowledge and listening is fundamental, so for that we must invest some of our financial resources and our most precious asset, our time. Definitely, investing, not spending.

It’s vital to be in a constant learning process, listening but more important than that is to make good choices, choosing well who to listen to, from who to learn, which courses to take. Information’s quality is essential for the process. Plus, all this is merely useful and makes sense with a lot of practice, passion and a receptive mind to new things and methods. This is applicable to any working area with no exception, not only in soccer, although soccer is one, if not the most competitive industry due, the mediatic aspect and the passion that awakens all over the world. Doesn’t it make sense that as much knowledge we have, closer we are to success and more prepared we are to face new challenges?

This doesn’t mean, at all, that we cannot develop our own ideas, strategies and working methods, completely opposite to that! We must! That’s why it is extremely significant to gather as much information as we can so we can establish our own guidelines and unique way as many times we may think that most of the information we have been accumulating can seem useless but at some point of our lives we will use it, even if only once and it may be in a key moment, a significant meeting, a crucial job interview, were it will allow us to be ahead of the majority and where that same knowledge can mark all the difference.

More than diplomas, certificates, the most important is to be focused on the teachings until the end.

On that occasion we can establish our own conclusions, always retaining every aspect, even if our way of thinking is completely different or we even disagree profoundly with it, as during our lives we face many changes, many diverse environments and it’s our capacity to mutate and be flexible that will dictate our success or failure. The way we think today we may not think tomorrow.

Any source can be valid, every life experience is valid, and every person we listen to is valid somehow as long as we have our ears open and brain functioning. The reality is that we are overloaded with information. Many times we prefer quantity to quality.

Many times we have a tendency to misjudge people, courses, books, everything and most important of all, we are not patient either to learn or to achieve our goals when they do not fulfill our time expectations.

That’s why the importance of knowledge, education and information, because they represent our vehicle to strike the destiny that we all wish for.

The learning process represents a continuous process and if we commit the mistake to stop it voluntarily for any reason during our life, can be either due, the fact that we may think that we already know everything or for any other reason! One thing is for sure, those ones will be behind and surpassed by others, specially in an industry like soccer that is constantly innovating and that everyday produces and provides us new and supplementary information.


“Ignorance is a voluntary misfortune”

Nicholas Ling


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