Soccer in Quarantine time

Soccer in Quarantine time

For sure we are all facing new challenges, knowing and testing our boundaries, testing our patience, knowing our inner self better and certainly after all this we will all look back and see positive things and become a better society and better individuals.

I remember when I was a young child, possibly around 10 how I was improvising at home not only a ball, that could be made of socks, be a tennis ball, everything with a round shape or at least approximate to it,  so I could play but also improvising the goal so I could have the feeling that the big football stars had when the ball crossed the line, that unique sensation. At some point I was not happy only with the ball crossing the line and I wanted to see, “feel” and experience the ball hitting the back of the net, so as my improvised goals were nothing more than chairs I had to be creative and manage how to “find” or selfmade a net. When the seek and desire is pure from the heart we find it quickly so I instantly found a solution that wasn’t nothing more than some pieces of fabric around the legs of the chair. Now I could feel a real player practicing freekicks, penalties and spontaneous shots with imaginary goalkeepers that many times were simply bottles of water.

Some other times a wall on my patio was enough to entertain me for an entire day as if it was my teammates passing me the ball so I could control it in many different ways and even passing it like that also.

Before all this situation we all were discussing  the importance of “street” football that seemed to have disappeared these days and that leads to the lack of creativity and improvisation in modern football. So here we are, the universe heard us and now we can have it.

We all see in the social media parents playing with their children experiencing it, we see children improvising like we did many years ago, we even see professional players doing it like they used to do when they had the dream of reaching the level where they are right now. When else did they have that chance after becoming professionals and many lost the true love that moved them to become footballers? Football itself.

Pleasure, fun and new skills are reached. So let’s all remember this as a time that we all went through together and tested our resilience. This is also a proof that we are all the same and that we cannot use so many scales to measure individual success, as we can all see now that only with teamwork and all having the same goals we are able to overcome difficulties.

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Nuno Milheiro
Nuno Milheiro is an experienced Soccer Scout with previous experiences as FC Porto youth teams scout, he was also the Head of Scouting and Co-founder at Athleads and FC Felgueiras 1932 Chief scout. He is currently International Scout for the German Club SpVgg Greuther Fürth and Head of Commercial Operations & Partnerships at Soccer HUB!


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    Joao Sallez
    April 9, 2020

    Hey Nuno,

    Great point on your comment, after all we hope somethings in the society can change with this period of reflexion, hopefully healthier in the future, and also in football we hope to see some routine changes, we will be here to see!


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