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Searching the best path towards your goals!

Searching the best path towards your goals!

The month of August ends, the bulk of coaches will face their first day of competition soon, ending the 2019/2020 preseason, others have already done so during the month that ends.

As if it were a marathon runner, they could be curious and eager to get a new and exciting background race, which will demand from them and their leadership their best version and effort to adapt to the Swings of the competition, as JOHN GRINDER says:

“Control is an illusion!”

With these wonderful desire and enthusiasm to test their preparation, the premiere, cover the curiosity of whether the preparatory period has been the ideal to lay the foundations of a successful season, which helps the team to achieve the proposed objectives.

I know what it feels like right now, a mixture of illusion and uncertainty about what is coming, of wanting to enjoy the work done. To test the identity that as a leader you have been able to build together with your players.

One of the fundamental pillars of a coach is his ability to take his players to a point of reflection where they realize their reality and the options they have, their ability to embark on the path brilliantly and effectively in search of the best path Towards your goals.

Knowing how to listen to who they are and what they want will help you focus your questions and adapt them to each of their worlds to make them think, feel or react differently about the context in which they want to develop, will help them break with limiting patterns or Preset ideas will change their vision of what they are capable of doing or not, it will make them JUMP UP  to get out of your comfort zone where you have been all your life and give you the possibility to change your results.


It will be important for this to show your confidence in their abilities, even if they make mistakes, if you want them to achieve full learning and performance. Help them build solid self-esteem day by day, let them experiment without fear of error, they will find unimaginable ways to reach the goal.

As a leader you have built the team from the base that has made them define the habits that will help them reach the ideal state throughout the season, based on an identity that goes with them, that is congruent with who you are, based on your realistic and exciting beliefs, values ​​and expectations.


Before being a leader builder you must have solved what you want, who you are, who you want to be, and what you want to achieve, you know yourself in order to know and help them get to know each other.

  • What has led you to embark on a new season?
  • What specific goals would you like to reach as a coach?
  • What have you done to this day that they approach you?
  • How would you like the last day of the season to happen?

Passionate about the goal and you will find passion in response, get excited and determined and as much as you resist certain goals you will have the possibility to achieve them. Direct your focus, believe courageously and go for it, you will infect your strengths team and make things happen, enjoy the next season to the fullest.

No matter where you start or where you arrive, work every step with passion, you will gain the right to design your life. Close your eyes, visualize how to get it, breathe deeply and naturally and let everything worked simply flow and fill your performance with colours.

Find more about this subject in the course “A framework for achieving your Soccer Team’s Goals”

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