Drone changing soccer analysis

One of the most recent innovations in the football analysis field is the introduction of drones to film training sessions and also games. The visual perspective of a video recorded from a drone gives a different insight that is, in most cases, better to analyze and also to explain, already having great impact in the process of developing team and players.

The positioning and the movement of the players are easier to watch through a drone’s angle, so the perception increases considerably with that aerial view, helping coach and coaching staff to identify behaviors which need to be reinforced (positive) or corrected (negative).

In the main leagues, such as Premier League, Bundesliga, Serie A, Ligue 1 or La Liga, the broadcast includes sometimes cameras with an aerial view (bird eye view), while drones are being used in training sessions and friendly matches – the leagues don’t allow the use in official competitions.
Flying a drone is quite easy, even if in some countries a license is required. Then, after finding the right angle on the pitch – leaving it in a fixed position or moving it to specific areas or drills -, just record the session, export the video and analyze it – exactly the same workflow with a normal camera.
There are drones for all the budgets and now there is also a smartphone application (ClearVuze) to simplify and also maximize the process of recording with a drone. The advantage of this application is that it allows to code the video, cutting live specific actions or moments in training or game.

The drone is useful for all types of drills, collective or individual. With the angle of the aerial view it’s easier to work the moments of the game, since fundamental principles as space, distance and relation between players are more and better identifiable than with the normal broadcast or side tactical camera angles. It’s clearly a worthwhile investment.

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Currently working as a Match Analyst and Chief Scout at Bangkok United, Luis was the Team manager, scout and press officer of the Portuguese Club, SC Beira-Mar - Futebol, SAD. He was also a Sports Journalist, during a period of 3 years, at the newspaper “O JOGO”.

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