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Soccer Scouting vs other Industries

Soccer Scouting vs other Industries

When we watch a movie sometimes we wonder why is that actor/actress chosen for that role, why is he so great or so bad in that role? This usually translates the success or failure of that same movie.

When we go to a concert, when we listen to an orchestra we also think the same even more so when we listen to the harmony of the sound. It is essential to be played as a team and where each single musician is important and needs to perform his role so the final result can be good or not. Are they chosen depending on who is the agent? Are they chosen depending on their relationships with other people in their industry?

The answer is no!!! That compromises the whole team work. Each one is selected to fit exactly into the global needs and by their skills, talent, personality and potential for the final success,for the public, and prizes that they can win as a team.

So why in football does this principle does not exist so much as it should? Seems a logical and basic principle in theory, but it is not the reality.

A team’s success is synonymous of individual success, therefore scouting is essential for that.

One aspect can be enough to ruin all parts, so a bad player choice can compromise a whole season or even a whole clubs philosophy. Independently of the budget the best choices can be made and mistakes can be avoided if this process is executed. We all ask some question to ourselves. Why our club hires a certain player, why we let go another one that we believe is needed? We all have these questions. Does a film director that is going to direct a drama choose a comedian to be the main actor? 99% of the time, no, as the result can be a disaster, but in some cases, it can be a good adaptation.

A very good example of that is from the Champions League Winners , Liverpool FC. Many say “Ok, but they have money to spend!!” or “Ok, but they invest a lot !!!”. But how many other teams have this instilled these days? And even more so. Liverpool F.C chose strategically their signs in the last few years to build a team that suit both in their manager’s and club’s philosophy. Are they the most talented players in the world? No !! But they are the best for Liverpool’s style and values. This allows all of us to enjoy the football they play. We can see every player that is part of their “symphony” happy together and following their maestro. The fans that many a time make a big effort to follow their team, go home happy, proud and think that was worth it. Shouldn’t football be like this independently of the country, continent or league level? Not everybody can win, but we can all enjoy better football, believe in fair choices and be many steps closer to success. How amazing is it to listen to the fans singing “You’ll never walk alone??” Does that have any costs? A big budget does not necessarily make a big team. A small budget, that is well spent, can bring amazing results that lead to a budget increase and to stay in football history forever.

Scouting is essential, scouting exists since forever in the best league in the world, in the most lucrative sports in the world ( american Sports ), so let me ask a question!! Is scouting a cost? Or is it essential for success? The question stays in the air as it has a very easy answer.

It is in our hands to contribute for a better, transparent and equal football that we all love.

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