Portuguese National Teams: Unveiling the route for success

by Rémulo Marques

Portugal, as the reigning European champion, has one of the best National soccer teams in the world. Check!

Portugal is recognized worldwide for the intrinsic quality of their soccer players, almost as if it were something inscribed in their DNA. Double Check!

Likewise, the Portuguese Football Federation is indicated as an example of organization, structuring and top quality in the developing of the most prominent young talents of the country. Full Check!

Now imagine that you were given the opportunity to discover, in detail, some of the most interesting secrets that underpin the work of the Portuguese National Teams.

Imagine that through your tablet, smartphone or personal computer, you could enter a world, so far totally closed, of methodologies, philosophies and ideas of preparation, training and ways of play from the Portuguese National Teams.

Well, Soccer Hub made it possible, in a so far unavailable one-to-one conversation with the man behind the wheel.

Joaquim Milheiro, 39, is the Technical Coordinator of the Portuguese National Youth Teams, and he’s the key figure, alongside with the National Head Coaches, in all the details that make the Portuguese teams so well respected worldwide.

With him, in a totally open exchange of ideas, you will discover, for instance, how it’s done to create a common identity to all the national teams, what are the training methodologies and game ideas applied and what is their transversality at all age levels and also how the work done at the youth levels has a direct impact on the results of the “AA” Portuguese National Team.

Stay tuned in Soccer Hub platforms as we will unfold in the upcoming weeks more and more of the most valuable information in soccer.

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