Soccer HUB Talks: Soccer Scouting – Scouting for Talent using BIG DATA?

In recent seasons, an increasing number of clubs are making the most of the fact that each game will also contain millions of data points and events. Soccer appears to be the latest sport to become data-driven. This trend is making a special impact on Data-driven scouting.
For example, Arsenal paid over £2million for the US company StatDNA, whose data has since been used to advise their signings.

In this webinar we discuss how BIG DATA is driving teams to make a more reliable recruitment process and understand how to use BIG DATA to improve soccer scouting capabilities.

For this discussion, we invited two top specialists in Scouting:

Managing Director of ProFútbolAnalytics – Software to test football skills of young players and compare them with large database;

Managing Partner of “Player Rate”. Former Head of Scouting of SL Benfica and Soccer Player’s Investment Funds Consultant.

Click here to watch the video!

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