A guiding light in the revolutionary era of Football Industry

By: Ayman Atef – Technical analyst and Sport’s Writer (first Egyptian Soccer HUB’s student)

In time of very rapid and fast changes and instantaneous updated technologies involved in the football industry , many people can get confused and sometimes it costs them lots of money and valuable time to try catching the evolution occurs on daily basis in this industry !

And in a growing community of football industry , due to the enthusiastic nature of the game that attracts greater number of audiences of different cultures and different social levels and of all ages of course , the need to understanding the core of the game strategy and the magical tricks of the mega-star coaches like Guardiola , Klopp , Mourinho and Sir. Alex , who act for the most of Fans like Magicians or Idols for their prices f football they present through their big teams performance !

So , there was an essential need for an interpreter who can simplify the complected tactics of this top level performance to others who are seeking knowledge or the know-how of this performance , and thus Universities and Institutional Organizations have started to include Performance Analysis courses to their academic curriculum, to cover the increasing demand volume from different personalities involved in football industry , like coaches , trainers , analysts also football media specialists or sports journalists !

But due to impossibility of Full time attendance availability for many prople who already work in the field , and due to the impeding prices for these academic course many people of troubled economies countries like African, Asian or South American countries .. Where you can smell football in the air !!!

And came SOCCER HUB Academy to fill this huge gap between the science of football and the enthusiastic lovers of football all over the world , to present the essence of the science delivered by high leveled academic professionals who designed courses in a way taking trainees to their professional steps gradually !! .. And the most important , the courses cost is really encouraging for everyone not to hesitate applying

Me as a middle-eastern citizen have found the courses valuable and simply understood ! .. and Me as a sports journalists found the courses academic and scientifically covering all the inquiries about technical staff work before , during and after the competition phase of the team … And for soccer performance analysts these courses are essential !!

Finally , i would like to deliver thankful greetings to SOCCER HUB officials for their valuable efforts and their full instantaneous interaction cooperation with all trainees to facilitate their studying time !


  • Berry
    June 2, 2018

    Thanks, it is very informative

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