Soccer Analysis made simple!

João Nuno Fonseca, Portuguese, has become a top specialist in Game Analysis!

Expert on SportsCode ELITE and Coach Paint (ChyronHego) he is Currently providing exclusive consultancy services to the Football Services for the clubs owned by City Football Group (CFG) – Manchester City FC (ENG), New York City FC (USA), Melbourne City FC (AUS), Girona FC (ESP), CA Torque (URU) and Yokohama F. Marinos (JPN).

He was also Senior Football Match Analyst at ASPIRE Academy for Sports Excellence & Qatar National Team.

“The great banner, so to speak, of analysis is to reduce the complexity that is inherent in the game. That is, you have to perceive, to the maximum, first, what you are as a team, what are your principles, and then go look for, in the adversary, something that you can identify and bring as an advantage when you go to the game. That is, if you identify a weakness, then let’s go there. You prepare the training week also in line with that. You have your identity, you have your philosophy, you have the way you train, but if you have information from the opponent it also helps. It’s the same thing that when you go to a battle: if I know how the opponent will attack me, then I already know how I can defend myself and how I’m going to attack him.

There are different ways of feeling football from different places in the world. And you will look for references to the group that are also your references as a coach, and I think it is a job that enriches me a lot in terms of perceiving what the game is. Nowadays I can go to my computer and have a database where … Let’s imagine: I want to see a systems confrontation between a team that plays in a system of 3-5-2 against a team of 4-3-3 . After many, many hours of previous observations, I have it ready with just one click. And I can easily remove these examples and if you ever want to show this to anyone, I already have it referenced.

95% of the work is done through the computer. Nowadays I say that the internet is my best friend, because I get all the games and all the information that I’m going to work during the week out there. It’s obvious that I’m going to England and I’ve been watching a lot of games, but not as direct as the analysts have with coaches. I’m in the most methodological part of the project. How to build, having as an example references. Let’s imagine, in the model of Manchester City, see how in the first phase of construction City plays.”

Find more content about this subject in João Nuno’s course “How to build a Match Analysis Process?”

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