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    How to design a Soccer (Football) Training Microcycle? This course aims to help coaches design the best microcycle to prepare the team to perform effectively in the match....
  • 16 Lessons
  Do you have the dream of becoming a Soccer (Football) Coach? You don’t know what are the steps to achieve that dream? This course will help you to understand...
  • 11 Lessons
    Online Course: Building a way of play in Soccer (Football) In today’s soccer (football), it is not enough to apply the best methodologies or the best exercises. It...
  • 12 Lessons
    Online Course: How to monitor the training process in Soccer (Football)? Monitoring the stress applied to the athletes using both internal and external load indicators is strongly recommended...
  • 31 Lessons
    Online Course: Building a philosophy – Team identity and Soccer (Football) Analysis In this course, the experienced Soccer (Football) Analyst Miguel Moita (current Al-Hilal SFC analyst and former...
  • 19 Lessons
    ONLINE COURSE: Fan Engagement in Soccer (Football) (partnership with Soccerex) Fan Engagement is a recent concept. Only in the last decade sports organizations started to understand the importance...
  • 30 Lessons
  Online Course: How to Become a Soccer (Football) Scout? Scouting is becoming more and more popular in today’s Soccer (Football). The modern clubs cannot do without a well-qualified team...
  • 13 Lessons
    ONLINE COURSE: How to use GPS to improve Soccer (Football) Performance? Player monitoring has become a crucial part of soccer. Many clubs use GPS sensors to track their...
  • 17 Lessons