Physical Conditioning (by CT Jesuítas): Gym work for performance improvement and injury prevention?

3 great specialists answered to this question and many more!

  • Tom Joel,1st Team Sport Scientist at Leicester City Football Club and the Strength and Conditioning Coach;
  • Luis Mesquita: Founder of “Bridging The Gap: Rehab & Performance.” Strength and Conditioning Coach for the Chinese Olympic Committee and Shijiazhuang Everbright Football Club;
  • Mário Simões: Founder of “CT Jesuitas – Functional and Fitness”. Strength and Conditioning Coach of several top level Soccer Players.


  • Is strength training associated with athletes being slower?
  • How can strength/gym sessions improve performance
  • How can strength /gym sessions help prevent injuries
  • How can S&C coaches pass the message to the manager and athletes, that “gym” work is important
  • Can the club do individualized work with athletes in the gym?
  • How to manage athletes with personal trainers outside the clube
  • How can we manage athletes with different backgrounds related to gym/strength and power training
  • Major concerns regarding gym work and increase in performance
  • Major concerns regarding gym and injury prevention
  • How would you integrate gym sessions (strength and power) with field training (tactical)
  • What would be a “normal” week in the gym with 1 or 2 games.

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