What’s the importance of Soccer Analysis? What about the future?

In the second panel of the SOCCER HUB ONLINE SUMMIT these top specialists were the speakers:

  • Tim Santoro is one of the rising stars in women’s soccer! He is the head women’s soccer coach at NC State and he is well known foe his great capability to analyze the game!;
  • Miguel Heitor is the Head of Soccer Development in the Qatar Stars League. He manages all the match and training analysis systems within the league’s clubs;
  • Peter Irizarry is a Tek Specialist and the CSO at VIDEOBSERVER, a Sports Performance Analysis company.



  • Is the game analysis just a trend or does it have a real impact on the teams’ performance?
  • What is the profile of a Soccer Analyst?
  • Will the soccer analysis, in the future, be a separate department or will it be closer to the main technical team?
  • About the technologies available – are they a must-have to all the teams or can we live without them?
  • How will these technologies evolve – to be even more specific or try to integrate all the different departments in one tool?
  • What about this kind of work in the US – when it will be considered as a must?
  • Are there specialists in soccer analysis in the US or only the coaches are doing that kind of job?

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  • Enya Ernest


    Though analyst are important it's imperative for the coach to be able to analyze not just his team but also the opponents
  • Surakshan joseph jonas


    Not bad forna beginner like me to understand
  • Admin bar avatar


    Kamel sharifi

    Today, in modern football, analysts play an important role in the dynamics of football teams with advanced video analysis, but I believe that a coach himself should be a good analyst and analyst.
  • Zakaria


    Good interview Would like to know more about analysis
  • As coaches we need to be in a good position to analyze the strengths and weaknesses of our individual players and those of opponents. Our training session and that of the opponents ourteam tactics and tjose of the opponent's to be in a good position to teach our team tactics successfully
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