ONLINE COURSE: Monitoring the Training Process in Futsal

Over the last few years, the evolution in training monitoring and control systems has been enormous. The Soccer Coach started to count on his technical teams, with highly specialized coaches, in the control and evaluation of the training and the game, with implications in the development of the individual abilities of each player, of the monitoring of the fatigue with consequences in the prevention of injuries and of course, in the evaluation of the performance in competition.

However, in futsal, this monitoring is still very neglected. In this online course, we will address some tools for monitoring the training process. In particular, we will address the control of physical training by monitoring internal and external loads.

This way, coaches can improve their knowledge in this area for better control of the training, or even specialize in this scope of intervention.

This will undoubtedly be one of the markets to be explored by the coaches of the future.

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Bruno Travassos is a Sports Scientist at the Portuguese Football Federation and a Researcher at CIDESD. He was the Head and Assistant Coach, for 7 years, of the Portuguese First League Futsal Club AD Fundão. He is one of the most renowned researchers about Futsal in the world with work done in the fields of decision making in team sports, validation of representative exercises for soccer and futsal, decision making in soccer and futsal, the effect of manipulating training tasks for performance and performance analysis in team sports.


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    Measure and Apply Data

    Bruno Travassos is one of the world masters of data and analysis in sport and specifically in Futsal! In this quick course you will learn how tu use some tools to increase your training quality, data-related. Learn how to easily measure physical aspects of your trainings so that you can plan better trainings, while reducing the injury risk.

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